Grasshopper Mouse

The only complete, cloud-based inventory control system developed especially for the dental practice by dental professionals.

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Grasshopper Mouse™ Inventory Control System is the only inventory control system developed especially for use in the dental office.

A “smart” system developed by Lean Dental Solutions™ to provide a “Lean” solution to dental office inventory control. Using this lean system will provide you with the tools to track your inventory costs against your billables, giving you the information you need to meet your financial goals

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Cloud-Based/Not “Platform Specific”

Because the system and data are on the “Cloud”, you may access and control your information from any location using any platform or operating system: pad, personal computer, smart phone, Apple, Windows, Android, etc.

  • Use on any device with web connectivity.
  • Access and control your data anytime, anywhere.
  • New features and system improvements updated instantly and automatically.
Cloud-Based/Not Platform Specific

We are excited to announce our newest features

  • Track your supply budget to see how well you are meeting your supply overhead goals.
  • Sort your supplies by location.

Virtual Inventory Control

  • Immediate current inventory status.
  • Min/Max levels.
  • Recommends Min/Max changes based upon your usage.

Use For Any Vendor and Product

  • Dental suppliers.
  • Office suppliers.
  • Break-room supplies.
  • O2 and N2O.
  • Lab scrips.

Status Tracking

  • Promised free goods..
  • Returns.
  • Backorders.


  • Automatically generated
  • Sent to your mobile phone and/or email.
  • Include:
  • Product Running Low (Time to Order).
  • Shelf Life Expiring.
  • Return Credit Received?
  • Free Goods Due.
  • Repair Due Back.
  • Warranty Expiring.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Due.
  • Inventory Adjustment Recommendations Ready.

Virtual Inventory Control

  • Immediate current inventory status.
  • Min/Max levels.
  • Recommends Min/Max changes based upon your usage.


  • Generate directly from alerts.
  • Email or Fax orders directly from the system.
  • Will not close until promised free goods or credit are received.
  • Default to your “Max” level.
  • Completely editable anytime before submitting.


  • Sort by Vendor, Product Number, Date Range:
  • Inventory on-hand.
  • Received inventory (What you’ve put into stock).
  • Scanned-out inventory (What you’ve used)
  • Order history.
  • Product expiration.
  • Equipment warranty aging.
  • Repair reports

Status Tracking

  • Promised free goods..
  • Returns.
  • Backorders.

Product Information

  • Vendor.
  • Part Number.
  • Price.
  • Price Break Levels.
  • Expiration Date.
  • Lot Number.
  • Vendor Invoice Number.
  • Instructions for Use.
  • Safety Data Sheets.
  • Track multiple product categories separately:
  • Implants
  • “Other”

Vendor Information

  • Contact information.
  • Your account number.
  • Minimum order amount (System will stop you from entering an order less than the vendor minimum).
  • Notes.


  • Value.
  • Warranty.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Repairs.
  • Repair history.
  • Current availability.


  • Keep track of lot numbers.
  • Transactions are tied to users and records of deletions are kept.
  • System is on the cloud and is backed-up daily.

What does the system include?

  • User logins*.
  • 2 Wireless barcode scanners.
  • Barcode printer.
  • 2 rolls of labels.
  • Analyze your product purchase history and arrive at your Min/Max numbers.
  • Do your initial data upload.
  • Provide your first run of labels for your Max level of products. *Limitations Apply


Your Annual Support Provides:

  • Updates and upgrades
  • Support, Training, Consulting, as Needed
  • System Maintenance
  • 100% guarantee on scanners
  • Service on system as needed
  • 1 major data adjustment/year
  • Additional Training as Needed
  • Printer Loaner, if Needed
  • Free shipping on loaners & purchases